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Marshfield Clinic Health System has launched a new telehealth program with HRS to improve patient quality of life, reduce emergency department (ED) visits, and limit disease exacerbations.

Marshfield Clinic Health System (Marshfield) has launched a new telehealth program with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS). Marshfield has introduced HRS telehealth software to improve patient quality of life, reduce emergency department (ED) visits, and limit disease exacerbations.

During the initial program launch, Marshfield plans to deliver telehealth to patients enrolled in their Heart Failure Improvement Clinic (HFIC), a service that enrolls approximately 1,500 patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). Marshfield will select patients who have experienced an exacerbation requiring IV diuretics to participate in the initial stages of their telehealth program.

Patients placed on the telehealth program at Marshfield are provided with 4G tablets pre-loaded with the HRS software. The tablets pair with disease specific Bluetooth biometric devices, which allow patients to take their blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and more. The vital signs are automatically transmitted to the tablet and are electronically delivered to the patient’s nurse, allowing clinical staff to address any changes in medical status in a timely manner.

The HRS telehealth software also facilitates patient participation and engagement through daily medication reminders and disease specific educational content. Additionally, patients can actively communicate with their clinicians using the tablet’s text, phone call, and video chat features.

The Marshfield team is particularly excited about the patient education component and its potential to empower patients to take on an active role in the management of their health. The clinical team is also eager to use the live listening stethoscope that pairs with the HRS system, as it provides a unique opportunity to enhance care for the CHF patient population. The addition of a stethoscope will allow patients to be transferred to a nurse practitioner who can perform a thorough remote examination and thus reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

Marshfield serves over 350,000 unique patients in north, central, and western Wisconsin, and they have long term plans to expand their telehealth program throughout these regions. Therefore, system flexibility played a large role in their selection of a telehealth vendor. The team at Marshfield found the HRS system to be a flexible vendor partner who can meet the demands of a large health system. Additionally, Marshfield appreciated that HRS was willing to customize the technology according to their unique needs.

“The HRS telehealth technology allows us to provide care for our congestive heart failure patients who live in rural areas and face long drives to receive care. With lengthy Wisconsin winters and inclement weather, eliminating unnecessary physician visits is another way for us to use innovation to provide the best care for our patients and reduce their health care costs,” said Marshfield Clinic Health System Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Strategy Officer Dr. Narayana Murali.

Jarrett Bauer, CEO of HRS, adds, “We are incredibly excited to launch a telehealth program with Marshfield Clinic Health System. Marshfield is a leader in patient care and they have demonstrated impressive dedication to the advancement of technology in healthcare. HRS is honored to have been chosen as their telehealth partner.”



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