Author: Sean Kirkby

JFC signs off on reinsurance program

The Legislature’s budget-writing committee signed off on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to establish a $200 million program to stabilize the state’s Affordable Care Act marketplace Tuesday, but didn’t specify how they’ll pay for the state’s part of the program.

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Wisconsin hospitals take measures to conserve IV solution 

Hospitals coping with shortages to assure patient care MADISON (February 2, 2018) — Wisconsin hospitals and health systems are taking steps to conserve their supply of IV solution as they cope with unprecedented shortages. A majority of the hospitals and health systems in Wisconsin responding to a survey from the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) this week, said they are proactively rationing intravenous (IV) solution to minimize the impact on their organizations. However, almost half of those hospitals say their conservation efforts are having a significant impact on staffing, scheduling or other operational issues. A few organizations reported they have come close to rescheduling procedures or sending patients to other facilities because they were so low on IV solution, but to date, no hospitals have had to transfer patients or postpone treatments. See data graphs: “Wisconsin hospitals are known for delivering high-quality patient care and even in the face of this prolonged IV solution shortage, our patients are receiving top-notch, safe care,” according to Ann Zenk, RN, WHA vice president of workforce and clinical practice. “However, our clinicians have been forced to develop resource intensive workarounds that reduce efficiency and increase health care costs.” Alternatives, such as utilizing a syringe to slowly provide the intravenous medication rather than mix it in a bag and hang it from a pole to drip through an IV line, are time consuming for...

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