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Evidence-Based Health Policy Project to host Capitol briefing on education and health

Madison – The Evidence-Based Health Policy Project (EBHPP) will host the third briefing in a series on the social and environmental factors that drive health, collectively called the social determinants of health. This session will focus on the intersection of education and health, and will be held at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Room 411-South, on October 3rd, from 10:00am -12:15 pm. Program registration is available through this link.

The event, The Other Half of Health: How Where We Live, Work and Play Affects Our Well-being (Part III: Education), will feature perspectives from academic, public and private sectors on ongoing research and evidence-based programming across the state:

• Karen Odegaard, of the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps team at the UW Population
Health Institute will provide an overview of how education can impact health.
• Craig Albers, of the Department of Educational Psychology and Co-Director of the RuralEducation Research and Implementation Center at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research
(WCER) will present on partnerships with rural school districts to address mental and behavioral
health needs.
• Nicole Bowman, of WCER and Carolee Dodge Francis, Executive Director of the American IndianResearch and Education Center at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas will provide a perspective
on tribal education initiatives and culturally-responsive evaluation strategies.
• Annalee Good of WCER and Aronn Peterson of the Madison Metropolitan School District will discuss research on and implementation of community schools and their impact on student well-

The EBHPP is a partnership of the UW Population Health Institute, the La Follette School of Public Affairs, and the Wisconsin Legislative Council. The non-partisan project works to connect the campus and the Capitol, to serve the Wisconsin Legislature and other decision-makers and encourage an evidence-informed approach to policy-making.


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