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Green Bay Area Public Schools to Receive $20,000 Donation as Part of Eye Health Campaign for Children to Support Remote Learning Amid COVID-19

  • Green Bay Area Public Schools to receive $20,000 to help purchase laptops with blue light-filtering properties, plus educational materials to help reduce the risk of digital eye strain amid increased use of distance learning and screen time by young people
  • Educational webinar scheduled for Oct. 13 to provide tips to help reduce digital eye strain for students, parents, teachers, school administrators, employers and all consumers

GREEN BAY (Oct. 7, 2020) – Green Bay Area Public Schools will receive $20,000 to help meet the needs of local students, including to purchase laptops with blue light-filtering technology. The donation is part of a national public awareness campaign focused on children’s eye health, helping support the well-being of young people as they spend more time learning remotely and using digital devices for fun.

UnitedHealthcare Vision is donating a combined total of $100,000 to five school districts across the country, with the funds in some cases being used to purchase laptops for students with embedded blue light blocking technology. The donation is part of the UnitedHealthcare Eye Care Program, which is designed to help address the unique eye-health challenges that young people may face.

People now spend an average of 13 hours per day on digital devices, with children especially at risk of possible vision issues related to excessive exposure to blue light.

Children may be at higher risk of issues related to screen time, as their still-developing eyes generally allow for more high-energy blue light to reach their retinas. One in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem that, if left untreated, may result in learning issues and may hinder academic performance and development. 1 As much as 80 percent of what children learn is through their eyes 2 , so it is important for young people to have access to comprehensive eye exams.

UnitedHealthcare and Eyesafe will host the Blue Light Summit 2020 on Oct. 15, bringing together world leaders from consumer electronics and health care to discuss the connection between blue light, screen time and eye health. For parents, teachers, school administrators, employers and all consumers, a separate webinar is scheduled for Oct. 13 to share information about ways to help reduce blue light exposure amid the increased prevalence of distance learning due to COVID-19. People can click here to register for the Blue Light Summit 2020 and click here for details about the educational webinar.

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