$24,750,000 WHEFA Bond Financing Helps Mile Bluff Medical Center Construct and Renovate in Mauston

Wisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority

September 29, 2022

Another Successful Private Activity Bond Financing

$24,750,000 WHEFA Bond Financing Helps Mile Bluff Medical Center Construct and Renovate in Mauston

Bonds Placed with Signature Public Funding Corp.

“The benefits to tax-exempt debts are lower cost in interest over a longer period.  As a non-profit healthcare organization, we are invested in keeping the cost of healthcare at the lowest while keeping the health system viable. Our organization is rooted in the community and needs means to stay independent and tax-exempt bonds are part of the means needed to accomplish serving our communities with limited resources.

                 – Rebecca Oetzman,

                   Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

                   Mile Bluff Medical Center 

Mile Bluff Medical Center employs 617 full-time equivalents in Wisconsin

3 Permanent Jobs Created 45 Construction Jobs Created 617 FTE Employees

Bond financing facilitated by WHEFA was used to help Mile Bluff Medical Center finance the remodeling of its inpatient pharmacy, outpatient cancer care unit, and obstetrical unit, as well as the acquisition and remodeling of a vacant Shopko building into an urgent care, retail pharmacy and dialysis unit.  This tax-exempt financing process has enabled the Mile Bluff Medical Center to operate more effectively by financing its capital expenses at a low interest rate.

WHEFA is proud to continue its mission of assisting all eligible Wisconsin nonprofit institutions to obtain and maintain access to tax-exempt financing in order to finance their capital improvement and expansion needs.


Since inception, WHEFA has provided several hundred Wisconsin nonprofit corporations access to private and public capital markets at lower costs than are available to them in the conventional marketplace.  Pursuant to Section 231.10 of the Wisconsin Statutes, bonds issued by WHEFA are not considered indebtedness of the State of Wisconsin, and the State has no obligation to repay any bonds issued by WHEFA under any circumstances. Additionally, WHEFA does not utilize any State moneys to fund its operations.



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