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Rogers Memorial Hospital─Madison announces two new programs

(MADISON, Wis.) Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mood disorders will have new options for local quality care beginning this March at Rogers Memorial Hospital–Madison, 406 Science Drive, Suite 110.

“An estimated 8 million Americans have PTSD at any given time, with women more than twice as likely as men to be affected,” says Alexander Fritz, DO, FAPA, attending physician and board-certified psychiatrist at Rogers. “It’s crucial we increase understanding of the symptoms, side effects, and treatments available to the large population living with an oftentimes debilitating diagnosis.”

PTSD can result from traumatic experiences such as violence, sexual assault, serious accidents, and child abuse. The Rogers PTSD partial hospitalization program will provide an effective mix of cognitive behavioral therapy and a specific therapy called prolonged exposure.

Prolonged exposure is the most scientifically tested and proven treatment used to effectively treat survivors of all types of trauma. The therapy helps patients emotionally process the traumatic experience and reduce trauma-related fears. PTSD treatment at Rogers–Madison will be available beginningMarch 12, 2018.

The new FOCUS partial hospital program will offer evidence-based treatment for adults who struggle with depression, bipolar disorder or other mood disorders. Participants in this program learn therapeutic tools to help them manage harmful behaviors and engage more with life, work and family. The program will be available beginning March 26, 2018, at Rogers–Madison.

“A need exists for this additional level of specialized depression and mood disorder care in Madison,” added Dr. Fritz. “We are proud to fill this service gap, and provide more people in the area with access to the next level of care that will help them rediscover hope and progress along their individual treatment plans.”

Free screenings are available as a first step in the admissions process at 608-238-4411 or Rogers-Madison also offers day treatment for addiction, eating disorders, OCD and anxiety disorders, and general mental health.


Rogers Behavioral Health is a nationally recognized, nonprofit provider of mental health and addiction services. Rogers offers evidence-based treatment for adults, children, and teens with depression and mood disorders, eating disorders, addiction, OCD and anxiety disorders, and PTSD. Rogers provides services throughout Wisconsin as well as in Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Tampa, and soon opening in California. The System also includes Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation and Rogers InHealth. Learn more at


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