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AkitaBox “DeepClean Assurance” Software Enables America’s Return to Work in Keeping with CDC- and EPA-approved Guidelines

AkitaBox is the leading building management software provider dedicated to improving the way people manage and interact with the buildings they occupy. Founded in 2015, AkitaBox currently supplies accurate data management tools and implementation services to over 250 million square feet of educational, commercial, healthcare and governmental organizations in the United States. For more information, visit

Madison, Wis. – April 20, 2020 – AkitaBoxTM, the industry leader in building management software
solutions, announced today that it will release AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance, a cloud-based software application that drives cleanliness best practices in buildings and enables a safe return to work. The application will be driven by disinfection guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, AkitaBox understands the importance of building community
trust, relieving occupant anxiety, and ensuring that the spaces we inhabit every day are cleaned and disinfected according to recommended government standards. The AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance
software will help organizations achieve these goals by assisting custodial teams in following proper cleaning protocols and promoting transparency with stakeholders. The final result will be a shareable assurance certificate that identifies building units that have been cleaned and
disinfected according to both CDC and EPA guidelines.

Within the software, custodial teams can leverage location-based room pins on their building’s
digital floor plans to access cleaning routes, as well as customized checklists that identify areas, objects, and items that must be cleaned and disinfected. Additionally, each room assignment will feature a customized list of EPA-approved cleaning products that the team must use to qualify the room as properly cleaned and disinfected.

The shareable assurance certificate ensures that EPA-approved products have been used to
successfully eliminate COVID-19 and other contaminants. The certificate can be printed or digitally displayed for occupants to view, helping to eliminate anxiety around returning to work.

“AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance gives peace of mind to building owners, staff, customers and the
community as they’ll know that buildings have been cleaned in accordance with strict CDC and EPA
guidelines,” says Matt Miszewski, Chief Executive Officer of AkitaBox. “The key for a safer return to our buildings is to have a simple, visual indicator that allows us to instantly understand that the buildings we are entering have been cleaned and disinfected properly. The peace of mind generated by this tool is priceless as we all return to the buildings in which we work, live and play.”

The AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance software has been designed with the mission of empowering
organizations to:

1. Provide assurance to building stakeholders as they enter buildings

2. Promote a smoother transition of “back to business” following quarantine initiatives

3. Implement standardized cleaning processes driven by CDC and EPA standards across their

4. Limit the spread of infectious disease to maintain business operations now and in the future

If your organization is looking to learn more about the AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance software, please
contact AkitaBox at (608) 729-9191 or visit


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