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React Health Partners with EnsoData to Utilize Predictive AI to Improve Outcomes for Patients with Sleep Apnea

Madison, WI – OCTOBER 26, 2023 – EnsoData, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist with sleep testing, diagnosis, and treatment, and React Health, a sleep and respiratory device manufacturer based in Sarasota, FL, today announced a strategic collaboration to optimize PAP adherence support for patients with sleep apnea.

EnsoData’s revolutionary adherence prediction AI will be integrated into React Health’s recently launched React Health Connect platform. This collaboration will empower referring physicians and DME suppliers with actionable data to provide timely, personalized support to patients who are struggling with therapy adherence.

“By partnering with EnsoData, we are making another significant investment in our sleep therapy product portfolio”, says Tom Pontzius, President at React Health. “EnsoData’s predictive analytics will allow our customers to prioritize and focus on the patients that need intervention the most, and will ultimately provide a more personalized and positive patient experience.”

“Our PAP compliance AI model has an incredible ability to predict compliance within days of starting treatment,” states Chris Fernandez, Chief Research Officer “We are excited about the transformative impact our technology can have on the multitude of patients who face challenges in treating their sleep apnea. Our goal is to strengthen the bond between healthcare providers and patients, resulting in
improved patient outcomes.”

This partnership signifies a new era in personalized sleep apnea care where predictive clinical AI tools enable timely patient care, increased patient support, and stronger provider-patient connection.


About EnsoData:
EnsoData is a healthcare technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform complex and time-consuming data interpretation and analysis to help diagnose and treat health conditions. In addition to its AI-enabled therapy solution, EnsoData’s FDA-cleared sleep scoring and study management solution, EnsoSleep, is AI-powered viewing, scoring, editing, and reporting software that simplifies and accelerates the sleep testing, diagnosis, and treatment workflow — providing clinicians with more time and opportunities to expand patient care and improve outcomes.

About React Health:
React Health, headquartered in Sarasota, FL, is a sleep and respiratory device manufacturer. By manufacturing our comprehensive range of products, spanning from sleep to ventilation and oxygen solutions, we have curated our portfolio to offer unwavering support to physicians and DMEs across the continuum of patient care. Within our Luna PAP device line, each offering is FDA approved, encompassing CPAP/APAP, bilevel, and bilevel ST models. Our thoughtfully selected array of PAP interfaces and accessories complement our Luna PAP device line while accommodating diverse patient requirements. Adding value for our patients and partners, our ventilatory solutions seamlessly support a patient’s journey from the hospital to home.

Rounding out our robust respiratory portfolio is our spectrum of oxygen support, including both stationary and portable oxygen concentrators, along with a selection of essential accessories.


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